12 1/2

12 1/2 is a midget or scaled version of a lamp called 100 B originally designed in 1969.

The original 100 B was designed by Yrjö Kukkapuro, and the 12 1/2 was designed for Kukkapuros retrospective exhibition that was held at the Design Museum in Helsinki in 2008
The idea was to halve all the measures, so it came out as 1/8 the original size. 100: 8 = 12 1/2
Check external link www.kukkapuro.fi

The lamp shade element as well as the frame is made from aluminum, by hand. First the sheet was cut to dimension, then all the corners were cut and sanded, holes were drilled and finally it was bent to shape. Some of the shades were painted black, as in the original design, while others were unpainted. We even tried to paint some blue and red, even other colors could be possible.
Finally the lamp was assembled, and the halogen lamp holder and the halogen bulb was attached.

The lamp holder used in the 12 1/2 is a GU5,3 halogen lamp holder, suitable for a twin pin halogen bulb. According to the need either 3 - 7 lamps were linked together, since the transformer used was a 150 W Osram. With 50 W halogen bulbs 3 lamps were linked, with the 20 W lamps up to 7 lamps could be linked.