360 H

360H is a further development of the 340 Y lamp. The lamp was designed for Yrjö Kukkapuro’s exhibition held at the Design Museum in Helsinki. The amount of light it emits is twice that of the 340 Y. The small series of 360 H lamps, a total of some 20 items was used for lightning the “Space Trash” hall at the Kukkapuro exhibition.

The intention with the design for the 360 H was to have a shining sheet of paper, floating in the air.

360 H looks most technical, but it is not totally safe for the general public with all the loose cable loops. The driver is hidden under the aluminum cover on the backside of the lamp.

The “Space Trash” shelf, one of the halls at the Design Museum during the Kukkapuro Exhibition. The storage shelf was filled with special products; both prototypes and items that have been in production. The shelf was lit with some 20 pieces of 360 H lamps. That was all the light there was in the hall.

A paper storage solution made out of cardboard, Prisma from 1977