The TOMATO TIN CAN Project or LdS “Licht der Stiftung”

Licht der Stiftung is a small scale project aiming at recycling empty tin cans, and in this particular case, cans from Stiftung Lidl.
Crushed tomatoes are essential in our everyday cooking, and most of the time we use small tin cans, so a lot of metal waste is produced annually. We had some thoughts on how to reduce the amount of waste and came up with this bright lamp idea.
All lamps presented on this page are prototypes and the technical specifications may vary. LED’ s are used thru out, but the watt amount may change, going from 1,2 W up to 7 W at present.

LdS A 60⁰ N Helsinki to the left and LdS X 350 to the right. Licht der Stiftung is the Collective name for this series of lamps, the stands or wall fixtures are the things that distinguish them from each other.

A LdS 60⁰ N Helsinki architecture lamp with a touch of Helsinki. Right detail of the LdS X 350 foot, with a simple ball bearing solution for the turning of the lamp, a peg and a restrictor, that hinders the lamp from revolving a whole revolution.

LsD DCDP Doppio Concentrato Di Pomodoro is a small size lamp, still efficient and in t he future dimmable as well, so it suits places where a small energy saving led lamp is needed.