HenkHonk’s design ideology is simple. We intend to produce nice looking lamps of good design at an affordable price. Our intention is not to produce anything outrageously priced, but lamps that work, produce enough light and are aestetically nice looking.
What is the thing that gets the two, Henk Henk and Honk Honk to join force? The persons behind HenkHonk are Henrik Enbom and Vesa Honkonen.

photo Eva Rosengren

Vesa is architect with an office in Helsinki, professor at Stockholm School of Design (Konstfack) with a seat in furniture design. Besides he has carried out several architectural projects and design tasks abroad.
Henrik has been producing lamps for a number of years and his role in this new project is to produce working prototypes and in some cases short series of lamps as well.

So far our first series is in the prototype stage, the first lamps are based on bamboo, an ecological and environmentally sound material. We started with big dimension bamboo split length wise. The first, still unnamed model, is a lamp for a dining table. Next model will be slightly different, with the side elements being cut in another way.

HenkHonk will launch some lamps at Habitare Furniture Fairs Eco Design event in the beginning of September 2010.